Dick + Jane

Dick (2001) is a collection of ten digitally manipulated video samples. The images were captured with a Nikon F3, manipulated on a Mac in Adobe Photoshop, and ink jet printed.
Dick has been created in a signed, dated and numbered edition.
Dick is 13 pages, 4 x 6.75”, ten images, signed, numbered and dated.

Jane is 11 pages, 3 x 6.75”, signed, numbered and dated.
Jane consists of eight black and white digitally manipulated video samples and a colophon page, ink-jet printed and hand bound by the artist.
Jane, created in 2002, is the companion piece to the artists book, Dick.

In making photographs distortions of the original subject are inevitable, and are by products of the very processes of photography.  The first such distortion is typically in size, for example, a 6 foot tall adult reduced to a 4 x 6 inch image.

Dick and Jane remake commercial video porn imagery, elevating crass cultural detritus into expressive erotic art.  By producing anatomically life-size images the distortion of size is corrected.  In this way, handling the books implicates the viewer in the erotic activities depicted (one’s fingers are in the same scale as the subjects of the images they hold), while simultaneously forcing the viewer to violate another taboo, that of touching the pictures. The simple and commonplace act of turning pages becomes a catalyst for the viewer’s erotic experience.