Book of Lilith

The Book of Lilith (1997) is a love story, Lilith’s story of her erotic experiences in Eden and expelled. It is as if a lost book of The Bible, and was conceived as an independent text with images. So, creating images like the book, but not illustrating the plot seemed a desirable next step.

The book has been beautifully letter press printed and bound by Dikko Faust, and consists of 33 pages, 6 x 9.5 inches, with 4 original prints tipped in and cover image. Each copy is signed, numbered and dated.

The 17 images composing the full series have been exhibited along with the book in galleries and The Metropolitan Museum in New York City.  Prints are unique 4 x 6 foot versions printed on 3M perforated signage material; unique 2 x 3 foot versions printed on traditional gelatin silver paper by a digital hybrid printer; and archival ink jet prints of varying dimensions.