Art Furniture

Because I view myself as participating in a long and venerable tradition of furniture making there are two distinct threads though my work. The one allows me to invent stylistically, (for example, Nothing Continues To Happen and The Signal), and the other hews fast to established traditional furniture forms which I ‘revive’ and update (for example, my chairs Demeter and The Lesson). The impulse toward simplified, minimalist forms, (that evolved because of my search for clarity of expression – like the basic chair from Nothing Continues To Happen and Learning Her Lie), also resulted in a certain irreducible, primary shapes like Kata, Paula and Bench 1. In that spirit, I developed a naturalistic sanding pattern (based on the patterns created by fallen leaves overlapping), and which would reveal the material itself (bronze, aluminum, stainless steel) in its natural state. A result of this treatment is that these pieces take on the tone and the color of the surrounding light, and so changes subtly throughout the day and seasons.